Our Story

The Kiwi Journey Begins

In 1842, Edward Baigent stepped ashore as a new immigrant onto Wakefield Quay in Nelson. Over time, Edward Baigent (sawyer, wheelwright, engineer, farmer, politician and philanthropist) became known as ‘The Father of Wakefield’, and his industrious energy and pioneering spirit is still very much alive in Tinline today.

  • 1842 - Edward Baigent steps ashore
  • 1845 - Establishes sawmill
  • 1867 - Elected to NZ Parliament
  • 1869 - Opens first timber yard in Nelson


A New Generation

In the 1970s, Peter Baigent, a 4th generation descendant of Edward, purchased land in the Tinline Valley, half way between Nelson and Blenheim at the top of the South Island. As the origin to the company name, Tinline Valley was a central property in the family's portfolio - farmed for sheep, beef and wool until the 1970’s.

  • 1970s - Purchased 3,000 acre Tinline Valley property and proceeded to plant in pine
  • Early 80's - Sold Tinline Valley property fully planted
  • 1982 - Family sold half of its interest in Baigent Forest Industries Ltd


A transition to Retail

In the early 1980’s, Peter’s son Steve, along with siblings Chris and Maree started to accumulate properties across New Zealand. With the purchase of Richmond Mall in Nelson Tasman in 1992. The transition to multi-tenant retail property ownership began.

  • 1982 - Purchases in Nelson and Auckland creating initial investment portfolio
  • 1984 - Purchased new office building in Napier
  • 1988 - Brought in to Irvines Freightlines
  • 1988 - Purchased Southpark property in Christchurch
  • 1992 - Purchase of Richmond Mall, Nelson Tasman


Steady Growth

With the purchase of the immediately adjacent Village Mall, Tinline established a dominant footprint in the Richmond retail scene. Through subsequent developments, the malls were integrated into the largest and only fully covered shopping experience in the top of the South Island, attracting cornerstone retailers like Farmers, PAK’nSAVE and FreshChoice.

  • 1996 - PAK’nSAVE Richmond Mall opens
  • 1997 - Village Mall (adjacent to Richmond Mall) purchased
  • 1999 - Queen Street entrance opened
  • 2002 - Richmond Mall Farmers opens
  • 2004 - Webby Place purchased to expand car parking


Going national

In 2013, Tinline invested in the enormous potential of Papamoa, Tauranga’s fastest growing suburb. As the eastern extent of metropolitan intensification of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, Papamoa Plaza presented a tremendous opportunity to add value to a growing community.

  • 2013 - Palm Beach Plaza purchased, renamed to Papamoa Plaza
  • 2015 - Papamoa Plaza - phase 1 refurbishment
  • 2015 - Richmond Mall PAK’nSAVE extension
  • 2016 - Papamoa Plaza - Food court extension